7 things to consider when planning your next Direct Mail campaign?

by Antony Buss

7 things to consider when planning your next Direct Mail campaign?

  1. Ensure you have an up to date mailing list – from May 2018 GDPR comes into place so uou can only mail people or companies who have agreed that they are happy to receive a mailing from you.

  2. Decide how many people you wish to mail and your budget. If you have a limited budget do you want to mail a simple direct mail piece to a larger audience or a more bespoke direct mail piece to a smaller audience.

  3. Email marketing is very cost effective but has a low rate of take up by the recipients. Our clients have found that combining an email campaign with a direct mail promotion gets much better results.

  4. At direct mail ideas we specialise in creative direct mail in various styles. There is a wide range of formats from pop up mailers with elastic bands to pop up cards. Both of these are effective direct mail ideas but are suitable for different recipients

  5. Once you have decided on the style of creative direct mail piece you are using then you can choose between generic print throughout the direct mail piece or you can digitally print and personalise so each mail piece is unique.

  6. Is it possible and do you wish to send your mail piece as a self mailer (not in an outer)?. Things to consider are whether the Royal Mail or other services will take your item as a self mailer. If you mail in an outer be it an envelope or cello bag it will protect the direct mailer, if you send it as a self mailer then it is at the mercies of the mailing provider.

  7. It is generally more cost effective to use a direct mail company to send your mailing out. You do have to pay for any data work and fulfilment but this is not generally a large cost and saves a lot of time and effort in house. Generally you can also make postage savings costs as they have access to a wide range of companies and services which will make savings on postage.